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About N9

A truly integrated platform.


Leveraging the knowledge and experience of our expert master grower, our Cultivation module was developed from the ground up using best practices with a focus on speed and simplicity, without sacrificing functionality or adding unnecessary steps to get product tracked to final delivery.


N9 offers hundreds of integrations into a plethora of third party tools, financial integrations, marketing, security, payment, analytic and point-of-sale plugins, many of which are free and open-source.  You have a ton of options to expand when ready.



What sets N9 apart from other systems is the standard integration with our available eCommerce system to facilitate online ordering and fulfilment for your customers.   With a ‘flip of a switch’  sell  your product online to patients when you are ready.   If you produce for the Recreational market, no problem, the platform caters for this too.


Canada is leading the world in the normalizing of Cannabis and as such there is a great opportunity to be ready when other countries open for business.  Our eCommerce platform is ready to meet this international opportunity and is able to support multiple languages, tax rates, currencies and shipping options today.   With N9 you can also be ready for the world.

Need your own system to Customize?

If your company is looking for a complete system, including source code and database, then look no further then N9.   We offer the complete system for sale to enable you to customize the bejeebies out of it to call your own.    The system will be 100% your baby to bury in your organization.   Contact us today to find out more!

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