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Grow Like a Pro.

Manage your grow operation with our N9 Cultivation Dashboard

A complete seed-to-sale ERP platform designed to be easy-to-use, modern and effective in managing your grow and delivery.

Manage Strains, Rooms, Medium, Additives
Create Crop Lots by Strain, Track progress across 7 phases and shipping
Powerful Extraction Management Functionality
Comprehensive Waste Tracking, Dual destruction authorization
Plant Notes, Auto-Alerts, Lab Testing, Tag Labels
Detailed plant, batch and package activity logging
Connect and scan with mobile devices
Grow Environment logging and graphing
Full featured, advanced eCommerce store included, sell online!
Includes online Medical Patient registration and Medical Use Forms
Multi-Tax, Multi-Language, Multi-Currency
FREE Setup and 90 Day Trial
Full Source code licensing available, Customize the platform with your own IT staff!
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